Creating a life you’d love to live – part 2 – what to do next?

In Part 1 of this Life Design Blog Series we looked at your ideal day as a starting point.


Because surprisingly it’s something we don’t think about very often and it’s a good discipline to carve out some time to think about what you really want life to be and feel like.

Also it can be enlightening once we put our minds to it, that what we think we want – sometimes isn’t what we want!

Once you start to write your thoughts down you get a feeling. A feeling that stops you to question- hang on- Is that what I really want?

Thirdly, it helps you focus on the future you could have. And when you’re feeling stuck, you can get tied up in a loop of negative thoughts. Focusing on what the future could look like helps you to break this cycle.

I’d like you to hold on to your ideal day vision as a first draft. And we’ll come back to it.

To dig a bit deeper and get more clarity, what you need to do next is this:

Let’s look at these 5 areas in a bit more detail.

It helps us determine your philosophy or world view when it comes to

  1. Work
  2. Life
  3. Love
  4. Fun
  5. Physical and mental health

First of all give each category a rating from 1-10

with 10 being the best it could be and 1 being – rubbish

WORK ( Score out of 10 =  )

  • What’s important to you about work?
  • What role does work play in your life?
  • What does work mean to you?
  • What do you enjoy doing the most work wise?
  • In what work activities do you experience flow?

LIFE (score out of 10 =  )

  • What’s most important to you in life?
  • Do you feel you have a life purpose?
  • What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
  • Do you believe in a higher power, or the universe, what is important to you spiritually?
  • How do you want your life to be and feel?


LOVE  ( Score out of 10 =  )

  • What role does Love play in your life, how important is it to you?
  • Who or what fills your heart with joy?
  • Which relationships in life do you value the most and with whom
  • What breaks your heart?
  • What’s missing?
  • What’s the most important thing about love?
  • How much do you love yourself right now?


FUN ( Score out of 10 =  )

  • When you’re having the most fun what are you doing?
  • How important is fun in your life?
  • How often do you have fun?
  • Would you like more or less fun in your life?
  • How do you see yourself incorporating fun into your future?


PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH ( Score out of 10 =  (for each)


  • How physically fit are you?
  • Are you happy with this level of fitness?
  • How do you like to incorporate physical activity into your life?
  • What physical activities do you enjoy the most?
  • Why is physical fitness important to you?
  • Do you have a goal or a target you’d like to reach in terms of health?
  • How do you feel about your mental health score?
  • If relevant, how do mental health issues show up for you? E.g. anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, fear
  • How would you like to feel each day?
  • Why is mental health important to you?

I appreciate there are a lot of questions here that might make your brain ache.

Are there questions there that you haven’t asked yourself before?

Taking Action is your next step


  1. Make a note of your current scores (0-10 for each area) and then write what score you’d like them to be.
  1. Get your favourite note pad or laptop out and write down your thoughts on these areas of your life. Answer the questions or the thoughts they raise for you.

3. Now go back and check your ideal day vision. Have the important things been incorporated? If not, how are you going to include them?

4. Does your ideal day align with your answers? If not, how could you adjust it?


Next time (part 3) we’ll be looking at where you are now, compared to where you want to be – and how we can make the path to get you there!

And we’ll also be tackling what’s stopping you and how to get out your own way in part 4.

Small steps to the big vision.

Hang in there – your future self will thank you.

If you have any questions feel free to come and ask in my facebook group  – Half-Time Mindset Makeover


Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Life Change & Mindset Coach

I help women in and around their 40's to leave behind the baggage from the first half of life, design the life they'd LOVE to live, overcome what's stopping them and make it happen!


Lucy is a Certified Mindset Coach, NLP practitioner, Timeline Therapy practitioner, certified Hypnotherapist and neuroscience geek.

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