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Lucy Griffin-Stiff Speaker


Lucy Griffin-Stiff is a Certified Mindset Coach, NLP Coach Practitioner, and Author.

Topics include:

  • Smash your inner glass ceiling: How to harness courage, move past fear and achieve more than you think possible


  • The courage to challenge our stories: a deeper look at what drives the mind

  • How to find your Brave Pants: From Comfort-Zone Hugger to Courageous Change-maker

 Lucy speaks at in-person events, leadership programmes, away days, online summits, webinars and masterclasses.

Lucy’s corporate background is in change, organisational culture, engagement, and communication. Adding Mindset into this mix enables and empowers real powerful transformation for individuals and organisations.


Delivering workshops that change the way you think.

Using simple neuroscience techniques to empower and support people to be masters of their own mindset. These nuggets of learning are generally missing from our education, and are the lightbulb moments clients always wish they knew before. 

Understanding mindset can have a deep impact on your experience of life, your performance at work, how you work with and communicate with others, and how you handle emotions.

Signature workshop:

What Lies Beneath – The Power of Unleashing Personal Courage: Six Steps to Uncover Mindset Traps

This programme is designed to be a transformational experience, so it is best run over six weeks or as a six-month programme.

It also works well as day experience as part of a wider leadership development programme.

Each step is a personal experience explored with a group. By sharing, hearing and connecting as a group participants grow together, but in their own path.

A perfect experience for female senior managers who are part of a talent programme,  who feel like they are ready for their next promotion, or who want more support to grow into their role.

The experience is about holding space for individuals to explore their own personal story, and facilitated with care, attention and humour, fully encouraging participants to put their brave pants on and let go of things that have been holding them back!

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