Whatever happened to part 5 of the blog series?

It turned into a book!

Or more accurately a hybrid book / journal / coaching course!


Back in September 2020 I started this blog series thinking it would be really useful for people to evaluate how they want life to be and feel, especially during Coronavirus times, and how to get on top of their mindset while everything around us was driving us crazy!

I continued the series in October through to November and then an idea started brewing.

The idea turned into The Create a Life you Love Journal™ – The Ultimate Life and Mindset Makeover

The Create a Life you Love Journal

I planned out the book and spoke to a couple of trusted business friends who work in the book production world who agreed it was a great concept – and so my book was born.

I wanted to create something I’d not seen done before. A hybrid of a book, a journal, and a coaching course.

To truly help readers get the transformation of creating a life they love from the inside, out, I knew I needed to incorporate knowledge, coaching tools and journaling – so that you literally go on the journey and figure it out – writing it down as you go. Encouraging you to actually do the work that makes the difference!

And despite what you may have been conditioned to believe about not writing in books, I’m giving you all permission to write in the book, because it is also a Journal!

The Hardback Deluxe edition has been designed just as a Journal would be, being section sewn so you can open it up flat to write in it. It’s slightly smaller than A4, with a gold ribbon marker and high-quality paper.

The design concept being that it is a beautiful gift to yourself or someone you love.

And it totally is.


Things I learned along the way

I wanted the book to be available to buy on Amazon too, and the simplest way to do that is to use Kindle Direct Publishing which is a print-on-demand service.

The thing is, this service only prints paperbacks! Hence why there are two versions. The Deluxe Hardback Journal and the paperback version. The Deluxe Hardback (limited edition) is being printed in UK by Compass Publishing, and you can order direct from me here.

The paperback version (available on Amazon in July date tbc) will be good quality but it will be built as a book not designed as a Journal.

You still have permission to write in it, but it won’t be Hardback, section sewn to fully open up like the Deluxe Edition. It doesn’t have the gold ribbon or the 100gsm paper but it still has all the content, the coaching questions and the space to write in for the ultimate life and mindset makeover!

So part 5 of the blog was paused and in its place a book was written! The inspiration from a blog series turned into 200 pages of transformation!

Find out more about the book and how to get hold of yours here

Create a life you love journal


Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Life Change & Mindset Coach

I help women in and around their 40's to leave behind the baggage from the first half of life, design the life they'd LOVE to live, overcome what's stopping them and make it happen!


Lucy is a Certified Mindset Coach, NLP practitioner, Timeline Therapy practitioner, certified Hypnotherapist and neuroscience geek.

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