“I believe that understanding how your brain works can be your secret superpower.”

Author of The Create a Life you Love Journal®- The Ultimate Life and Mindset Makeover


NLP & Mindset Coach

Knowing yourself is the key to success, happiness, and living a fulfilled life

Understanding how to have a better relationship with yourself brings better results in all areas of life and work.

Work with me to learn how you can be happier in life and more productive at work using simple neuroscience.

The Create a Life you Love Journal®

The Ultimate Life and Mindset Makeover

If not now, when?

If you’ve reached Mid-life its likely you’ll be carrying around baggage from the first half of life that’s been subconsciously limiting your progress and potential. Now it’s time to process and move forwards.

If you haven’t done the mindset work yet – what are you waiting for?

Get to know yourself like never before.

Understand your brain so you know how to handle emotional triggers and mindtraps

Can you imagine not questioning your worthiness?

Can you imagine saying Shhh to the unhelpful voices of the imposter or inner critic?

I can help…

You want to enjoy the second half of your life on your terms. Living a life that lights you up, filled with joy.

Mid-life isn’t time for a crisis. It’s the perfect time to learn from the past, rewrite your story and create a life you love.

 Time is too precious to spend your life living for the holidays or functioning on fumes!

Here’s the thing…

You can choose to stay the same, or you can choose your future…

It’s time to get rid of what’s been holding you back in life and business and finally move forwards…

3 ways I can help you take the next step…

Get your copy of this transformational book and learn how you can choose courage over conditioning.

It’s part book, part coaching exercises and part journal. Dubbed “a manual for a new life” this book will help you “do the work” to get back control over your life and mindset.

Review: “Lucy has blown the half-time whistle and given us the best second half pep talk we’ll ever need. Now get back on the pitch and score the goal of your life!

Created with heart, this is a beautiful experience of exploration. You’ll feel like your best friend is gently helping you work through your muddled mind.

This will be your go-to journal whenever you need to unravel your thoughts”. Eleanor Tweddell


The brain science of stories hidden in your past

– and how to rewrite them to make the rest of your life the best of your life

It’s time to let go of the past and design the future you deserve.

> You’ll get to understand how the brain works and how empowering this can be in daily life.


> You’ll develop self-belief like never before which will help you move through life empowered, confident, feeling worthy and enough.


> You’ll get to understand self-sabotage. Where you get in your own way and why. Plus you’ll get tools and techniques to help you get out your own way.


> You’ll learn how to catch a trigger before it takes over so you can respond in a more calm and conscious way when you feel your buttons getting pressed.


> You’ll learn that you can forgive and let go of the past and step into a future and life you love. One that you intentionally design. 


> Once you recognise the dynamics that shaped your early life, you can create a new  path for yourself.


> You’ll be defining what success means to you, without the influence and baggage from the first half of life.



Work with me on a 1 to 1 basis to do a deep dive into you.

Get to know yourself like never before.

This is a deeply explorative and transformational experience where you’ll get to know your own mind:

Where it helps and hinders you, and how to get out your own way to reach your full potential.

Using the world’s first pioneering mindset measuring diagnostic tool (Mindset Dimensions) you understand yourself inside out including subconscious patterns you may not be aware of.

This kind of self-awareness helps you understand how you process information, your motivations, your programming, your values, beliefs, what makes you tick.

We can create strategies based on your unique self so you can manage your mindset to be the best version of yourself personally and professionally.


I would absolutely recommend working with Lucy.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. From the outset you were understanding of my situation and I never felt stupid for not being able to do this work on my own. I felt supported and encouraged, and you had a really good understanding of what I was talking about.

The work involved of lots of exploration and digging deep to uncover who I am, the why I do it, who I want to work with and the benefits of working with me. This has meant I can go onto sell my work and me in an authentic way.

I’m really excited about my business going forward. I feel my coaching practice will be significantly stepping up a level and I have a credible and more mature offer. I feel relieved, excited and pleased that I made the crucial decision to invest in my business.


Through working with Lucy I noticed much less negativity and inner critic self talk.

The transformation has been incredible.

I am known for being able to stay calm but there were some past events that still preyed on my mind causing a kind of chronic low-level stress that was actually being managed by behavior (overeating) that is less than helpful to my wellbeing.

Since the TLT I have hardly thought about those events at all. With the proverbial weight lifted off my shoulders, there is far less need to manage such stress. Thoughts of “needing to eat” when not actually hungry have been far fewer and more often than not dealt with.

Lucy is completely lovely to work with. I felt safe opening up to her about my problems. She is compassionate and totally non-judgmental.

I would definitely recommend working with Lucy.


How to create the freedom to be your authentic self e-book

Receive this FREE e-book which guides you through 3 steps to ditch your old thinking and find your true self.

If your “successful” career from the outside, no longer fulfills you on the inside…

– it’s time for change.

If you’re running a business that’s dragging you down instead of lighting you up…

– it’s time for action

 If you’re ready to let go of your baggage and step into The New YOU  you’re in the right place…

It’s time to let go of the past and reclaim your future.

Change your mind AND your life.

No more wasting precious time


If you really want to be fulfilled and happy the best place to start is with improving the most important relationship that you have.

And it’s with the human being you spend your entire life with.


Lucy Griffin-Stiff in the media

I have often felt that I get in my own way and that there is something deep inside me that is blocking me from taking the steps I need to in order to succeed.

Working through my blocks and clearing out past hurts with Lucy’s guidance has allowed me to let go of insecurities and deep seated pain. I instantly felt calmer and more at peace with myself.

Now I feel more in control and have the belief that I can achieve it.

I also feel less pressure to achieve it in a certain timeframe – I know that it will happen at the right time. My choices and priorities fit my own values rather than (imagined) external judgement. I feel excited about the possibilities ahead!

It was liberating to let go of generational pain and insecurity. Somehow making me feel more connected to decades and centuries of lived experience yet also removed from it – resting in my own power.

The focus on learning from past experiences and carrying these lessons forward is healing.

Lucy is  warm, open-minded, calm and empathetic. I instantly felt safe speaking to her and found myself opening up in ways I haven’t allowed myself to before.

It’s not easy to make oneself so vulnerable yet I felt totally at ease in her presence. Even via Zoom Lucy’s authenticity radiates.

I would recommend Lucy, 100% yes.

I trust Lucy completely and know how deeply she cares about her clients. I never felt rushed or hurried along. I am certain that having such a safe space to explore our own hold-ups and self-sabotage is the key to unlocking the potential within ourselves.


I found the Breakthrough session so enlightening.

It really has helped me to shift my perspective and to be aware of some of the negative thought patterns and to have greater awareness of the impact on behaviour and decision making or approach to so many areas of both work and life. A really positive and cathartic experience. Thank you.


I’d absolutely recommend working with Lucy, she’s wonderful.

It feels like working with a friend, but with the added expertise. She takes the time to understand what you want to achieve and has the talent to help you do so.

I had a proper light bulb moment when working with Lucy. The clarity and confidence you get through the process with the added accountability is definitely worth it.


I’m currently having some coaching from Lucy as I move from being partly employed / partly self employed to being 100% self employed, including setting up a new business.

I am finding it extremely helpful. Lucy is the perfect mixture of challenging and supportive.

She has stretched my dreams and plans in a good way.

The tools that Lucy has shared with me I will use again and again. The sessions are effective but fun at the same time.

I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is going through change or wants to make significant change in their life. Lucy is excellent in her field and a true pleasure to work with.