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Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Life Change | Business | Mindset Coach

Discover your True Calling in Life and Business

Choose Your Future & Change your life

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How do you know it's time for change?

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Are you running round life’s hamster wheel and wondering if it’s time to get off?

Do you want to change a quite good life into a really good life, and really good into fabulous?

It’s time to get rid of what’s been holding you back in life and business and finally move forwards…

 Is this it?

Perhaps something life-changing has made you question your future?

You’ve reached a mid-life point of reflection and you want to enjoy the second half of your life on your terms. Living a life that lights you up, filled with joy.

 Time is too precious to spend your life living for the holidays

or functioning on fumes!

Deep down you know your life doesn’t feel great. Something is holding you back.

 You want things to change but you’re not sure where to start…

Here’s the thing…


 You can choose to stay the same

or you can choose your future…

If your “successful” career from the outside, no longer fulfills you on the inside

– it’s time for change.

  If you’re running a business that’s dragging you down instead of lighting you up

– it’s time for action

 If you’re ready to release the past and step into The New YOU  you’re in the right place…

 Re-discover who you are and get rid of what’s no longer serving you

Find what lights you up, and create the life you’d love to live


No more wasting precious time


Here’s how I can help you take the next step…


If you’ve been driving through life with the brakes on – we’ll release what could be holding you back – so you can take your foot off the brakes and step into your power.

Using transformational Time Line Therapy and Mindset coaching techniques we’ll find and release the root causes of negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt.


Life Change

Something inside you has changed, and so life needs to change.

So you can live your life in alignment with who you truly are and where you want to be.

Get the clarity on where you want to be

Remove what could be stopping you

Make your dreams a reality

The Retreat

The ultimate luxury RETREAT






Release the past


Step into your power


Discover your true calling in life and business


– And make it happen



Thank you so much.  I can’t believe the change and how much we got done in such a short time.  And it wasn’t painful!  I started with a million thoughts and working with you so easily crystallized it.   I know I wouldn’t have reached such clarity without your support.

 I’ve really enjoyed every part of the process and feel so excited about taking this all forward.


I’d absolutely recommend working with Lucy, she’s wonderful.

It feels like working with a friend, but with the added expertise. She takes the time to understand what you want to achieve and has the talent to help you do so.

I had a proper light bulb moment when working with Lucy. The clarity and confidence you get through the process with the added accountability is definitely worth it.


Through working with Lucy I noticed much less negativity and inner critic self talk.

The transformation has been incredible. I am known for being able to stay calm but there were some past events that still preyed on my mind causing a kind of chronic low-level stress that was actually being managed by behavior (overeating) that is less than helpful to my wellbeing.

Since the TLT I have hardly thought about those events at all. With the proverbial weight lifted off my shoulders, there is far less need to manage such stress. Thoughts of “needing to eat” when not actually hungry have been far fewer and more often than not dealt with.

Lucy is completely lovely to work with. I felt safe opening up to her about my problems. She is compassionate and totally non-judgmental.

I would definitely recommend working with Lucy.


I’m currently having some coaching from Lucy as I move from being partly employed / partly self employed to being 100% self employed, including setting up a new business.

I am finding it extremely helpful. Lucy is the perfect mixture of challenging and supportive.

She has stretched my dreams and plans in a good way.

The tools that Lucy has shared with me I will use again and again. The sessions are effective but fun at the same time.

I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is going through change or wants to make significant change in their life. Lucy is excellent in her field and a true pleasure to work with.


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