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Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Life | Business | Mindset Coach

Discover your True Calling in Life and Business

Choose Your Future

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Are you on the corporate treadmill and wondering if it’s time to get off?

Or doing what you’re good at but not what you love?

Maybe you started your own business thinking it was the answer, but now you’re not so sure…

 Is this it?

Perhaps something life-changing has made you question your future?

You’ve reached a mid-life point of reflection and you want to enjoy the second half of your life on your terms. Living a life that lights you up, filled with joy.

 Time is too precious to spend your life living for the holidays

or functioning on fumes!

Deep down you know your life doesn’t feel great.

 You want things to change but you’re not sure where to start…

Here’s the thing…


 You can choose to stay the same

or you can choose your future…

If your “successful” career from the outside, no longer fulfills you on the inside

– it’s time for change.

  If you’re running a business that’s dragging you down instead of lighting you up

– it’s time for action

 If you’re ready to get YOU back you’re in the right place…

 Re-discover who you are, what lights you up, and create the life you’d love to live


No more wasting precious time


Here’s how I can help you take the next step…

Reality Check | Reset | Revolution

Let’s take a look at where you are now in life and business, and where you want to be.

What will it take to get there?

A reality check, reset or revolution?

Discover Your True Calling

It’s easy to get lost in life’s journey and not so easy to find your way back to you.

We rediscover what lights you up, what life is calling you to do, and take the steps to make that happen.

So you can live your life in alignment with who you truly are and where you want to be

Brand Before Logo

Turning your calling into a business.

Understand your brand, build your offer, know what makes you different, and why people should choose you.

Then package it up into a business that makes you the obvious choice to your ideal customer

Discover your true calling in life and business


– And make it happen

Thank you so much.  I can’t believe the change and how much we got done in such a short time.  And it wasn’t painful!  I started with a million thoughts and working with you so easily crystallized it.   I know I wouldn’t have reached such clarity without your support.

 I’ve really enjoyed every part of the process and feel so excited about taking this all forward.


I’d absolutely recommend working with Lucy, she’s wonderful.

It feels like working with a friend, but with the added expertise. She takes the time to understand what you want to achieve and has the talent to help you do so.

I had a proper light bulb moment when working with Lucy. The clarity and confidence you get through the process with the added accountability is definitely worth it.


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