Are you in and around your forties and looking to leave behind all the old baggage and limiting beliefs picked up in the first half of life?


Are you ready to take time to reflect, let go, and reset so you can step into your second half as your true self, free from the unhelpful conditioning of the past, with clarity on what you really want.

You’re ready to live your life on purpose, a life you love.

Everything starts with you – and everything starts to move forward when you have clarity.

I hold a safe space to help you find your clarity.

Work with me if you’d like to move from
✔ Self-doubt to self-belief
✔ From not enough to enoughness
✔ From low self-esteem – to self-worth and confidence
✔ From stuck but grasping – to taking purposeful action, in simple achievable steps.

Let go of the past and get clarity on what YOU really want life to be and feel like from now on.
What does success look like to you now, without the old brain programming and social conditioning of the past?

I am a global messenger of Enoughness, on a mission to help women choose courage over conditioning. I want as many people as possible understand they are worthy and enough.

I’m here to let the world know that the unhelpful conditioning of the past isn’t how the future needs to be.

Can you imagine how it would feel to be baggage-free? Comfortable in your true self and nothing is stopping you from achieving your potential and finding your possibilities.

Baggage be Gone!

Has this corona crisis has made you completely re-think your life. Could it be time for your “Half-Time” Reset?

As a Life Change and Mindset Coach, I can help you navigate these changes, master your mindset, and I can help you discover and reflect on what a happy, successful life would be for you.

I’m a certified Mindset Coach, NLP coach practitioner, Timeline Therapy practitioner, and hypnotherapist I can help you do that. We can release Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt and shame that you’ve been holding in your subconscious mind, alongside all those unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.

My qualifications are grounded in neuroscience and work alongside the latest developments in neuroplasticity – meaning you can re-wire your brain programming – if you choose to.

If you’ve ever said to yourself Is this it?

Or you’ve questioned whether your life experience NOW is the way you want it to stay – you’re in the right place.

As life goes on circumstances change. We grow, we evolve, our values can adapt from what they once were.  

The things that used to light us up, no longer do. And we wonder whether we’ve lost who we really are. Or whether it’s time to evolve once more.

Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Lucy Griffin-Stiff

NLP & Mindset Coach

. Background, Training and Qualifications

Back in 2006 I completed my first CIPD Coaching training alongside my consulting career in change and communication.

I’ve spent the last 20 years working on and advising in organisational design, transformational change, strategic communication and brand. Seven years of that running my own business.

I then spent three years helping people transform their lives and businesses, turning what lights them up into a brand and business. Giving them the clarity and confidence to talk about it in a clear and simple way.

Something I noticed along the way was that Mindset was key to success. So I decided to qualify as a Mindset Coach, NLP and Timeline Therapy practitioner too. So I can help people move forwards with nothing stopping them!

Seeing people stuck, or living a life that isn’t lighting them up hurts my soul. So I now help people get rid of their baggage and design the life they’d love to live.

I’ve been there and understand how it feels. And I know that rather than just continuing as you are, taking the steps to make that change is life changing.

Together we can release what’s been keeping you stuck so you can step into your light.

I’ve made several changes over the years in my life and work. Especially since becoming a parent. I’ve adapted my life and work to fit with my values and what and who are important to me in life.

I’ve also used Time Line Therapy to release thoughts and beliefs I was holding on to (in the back of my mind) that were no longer serving me. And you can do that too.

There is the light and power within you to achieve anything you set your mind to.

You just need to believe it – and I can help you do that.


My drive to help people and love of learning is strong.

The Mindset Coach Academy (where I’ve trained) provides one of the most comprehensive Mindset Training Certification programmes out there. Recognised and accredited by the ACCPH – (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists)

It includes globally recognised NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) coach practitioner training, Hypnotherapy, Mindset Coaching, Time Line Therapy practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Law of attraction and positive psychology.

I’m also a certified Mindset Dimensions Practitioner™ – the worlds first pioneering mindset measuring diagnostic psychometric tool (accredited by the ICF)

So no matter what life is calling you to do or what could be holding you back, I have the tools, skills and expertise to help you make it happen.