Through this life design series so far we’ve thought about how we want life to be and feel, we dug deeper into five key areas and what they mean to you. And we’ve scored them out of ten as to where we are now, and what’s the score we’d like to achieve ideally?


As promised part 3 is about the journey from where you are now to where you want to be.

We could make this really complicated, or we could keep it simple. I opt for simple wherever possible. The last thing we want to do is self-sabotage our success by stopping our progress because it feels too hard.

That’s why I’ve broken down this blog series into distinct parts so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


This simple graphic explains part of the journey.

If you’ve read my post about “Half Time” you’ll have got to grips with the fact that our old programming from the first half of life could be influencing us even to this day. Unless we let it go.

It’s important to understand what this graphic is showing:

If you do what you’ve done you get what  you’ve always got.

It requires new thoughts, choices, actions, behaviours, experiences, and feelings to change your mind AND your life.

If you’d like more detailed guidance on how to ditch your old programming to find your true self you can download my e-book “How to create the freedom to be your authentic self”.


First of all I’d like you to reflect on your scores from the five areas we looked at in part 2.

  • Work
  • Life
  • Love
  • Fun
  • Physical and Mental health


How did you score yourself? And where did you want your score to get to?

Now ask yourself

>What would need to change in my environment to improve my score?

So whether that’s your home or work environment, or how your relationships are functioning – environment is essentially the conditions (both physical and emotional) that you’re surrounded by.


>What would need to improve in terms of my behaviours and habits to improve my score?

Do this for each area where you are seeking improvement in your score.


>What would I need to work on in terms of my skills and capabilities to improve my score?


>What values would I be living by if I were at my top score?

List out the values you’d live by if you were the new top score you


>What beliefs might I need to change, let go of or re-think to improve my score?

If you find this tricky, read the e-book, and we will look at mindset in more detail in part 4


>When my score is where I want it to be what will I believe?


>What do you need to believe about yourself for your future you to succeed?


>How would you describe who you want to become?


>Who do you need to be for your desires to become a reality?


If you’d like a more detailed workbook exercise to go through that covers these changes in more detail you can get yours here. This is one I specifically developed for people not knowing what change they are looking for since Covid 19 came in and disrupted our year!

Reflection and Evolution

Think back to the ideal day you set in part 1. Now that you’ve done all this extra thinking, does it need to be adapted?


You might notice what’s happening here is a step by step evolution of you!

How you first envisaged your ideal day may have even evolved since you did part 1!

It’s all small steps to a big vision.


The final thing to do and think about in this part of your journey is:

>What one small change can I make in each area to take me a step closer to my ideal score.


Note down one small action or change you can take in each area to get you a step further.

A small, simple step.

Because each simple step, taken one at a time, with a destination in mind, will take you where you want to be eventually. And we have to start somewhere.

Knowing where we’re going is the first part – and you should be much clearer on this now.

How we are going to get there will be a mixture of knowing where you’re headed, mindset mastery, getting out your own way and creating the stepping stones on your path to where you want to be.

Look out for Part 4 “Stop the Self-Sabotage” in this Life Design series where we’ll delve deeper into Mindset.

If you’re ready to upgrade your mindset come join me and a small community of lovely people in the Half-Time Mindset Makeover community on Facebook.

Until then, keep going, your future self with thank you laughing

Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Life Change & Mindset Coach

I help women in and around their 40's to leave behind the baggage from the first half of life, design the life they'd LOVE to live, overcome what's stopping them and make it happen!


Lucy is a Certified Mindset Coach, NLP practitioner, Timeline Therapy practitioner, certified Hypnotherapist and neuroscience geek.

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