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As a Life Change, Mindset and Business Coach I can help you navigate change, master your mindset, and can help you design the life you’d love to live.

Unpick the problem - Power Hour

Are you agonising over a decision or feeling stuck in a rut?

If you’d like a wise sounding board, with some clever questions to help unpick what could be holding you back – this power hour is for you.

You might not need a series of sessions to solve this problem – we could get to the bottom of it in an hour and kick its butt!

£147 (per session)

"Half-Time" Clarity Breakthrough Call

In this quick-fix breakthrough call we look at

>Where you are now and where you want to be


> Who you are now and who you want to become


This 2 hour session helps you find clarity, helps clear the fog and overwhelm, and you’ll leave with some immediate actions to take away and thoughts to reflect on.

It’s the first step on your journey to creating your greatest second half and living a life you love.


Baggage Be Gone! (Fast results 4-6 weeks)

Are you carrying baggage around with you from years gone by that isn’t serving any useful purpose anymore?

Do your emotions get easily triggered?

You know life could feel lighter, easier, more empowered, but you’ve not got round to dealing with it because you get by okay as you are.

But truly, is getting by enough?

Or would you like to free up that space in your brain, body and emotions so you can spend the energy on moving forward, not holding yourself back?

It’s possible that something from your past (in your unconscious mind) is stopping you. It’s amazing what’s lurking in the back of our minds.

And the good news is, we don’t have to keep it there!

Your unconscious mind is busy keeping you safe in your comfort zone because that’s what its been programmed to do. And each time you push on the edges of your comfort zone, voices and thoughts appear that stop you – often without you even knowing

If you are driving your life and business with the brakes on, the journey will take longer and offer a lot more resistance than if you choose to take the brakes off.

It’s time to smash up those rocks you’re carrying around in your rucksack and turn them into grains of sand that blow away in the wind!

Baggage Be Gone is designed to help you let go of that baggage and take your foot off the brakes so you can fully step into your power.

Using Time Line Therapy, NLP and mindset coaching techniques we can lighten your load and free you up from negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt plus the associated thoughts and beliefs (held in your unconscious mind) that have been holding you back so you can move forwards.


Life Design - Choose your future, change your life

 Take life changing action towards your goals.

First we get you absolute clarity on what you really want from your life  – which will get you out of the pattern of staying stuck.

Whether you need a reality check, reset or revolution in your life or business:

  • I’ll help you get you unstuck from the patterns that have been keeping you from moving forward
  • Get clarity on your life’s purpose and create an inspiring vision of how you want your life to be
  • Remove what’s stopping you so you can experience deeper joy and fulfillment in life
  • Develop the confidence and self belief to make your dreams a reality 

It’s time to listen to that voice that’s been telling you the time for change has come.

It can feel unsettling as you approach big change, and that is why I’m here to support you through it and give you the confidence that your dreams can become reality.

Your life probably got out of balance, or off track. Or maybe over the years you’ve been going through a quiet evolution that has now got so loud in your head you know you need to do something about it.

Did you forget about yourself and what you truly want from life?

You now realise life would feel fantastic if you allowed yourself to focus on what you want and what needs to change to get you there.

Are looking to transform your life?

We can do that.

£447 per month

[6 months]

It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ that doesn’t serve us is embedded in our unconscious minds having been learned very early in our lives.

I knew there were things I was holding on to that weren’t being helpful to my wellbeing but wasn’t sure how to let them go.

The Time Line Therapy that I did with Lucy has been transformational.

The proverbial weight on my shoulders has lifted and I’m not having the same unhelpful reactions to events that may have caused those unwarranted feelings of anger, guilt, sadness and regret anymore. Thank you so much, Lucy.


I would absolutely recommend working with Lucy.

 I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. From the outset you were understanding of my situation and I never felt stupid for not being able to do this work on my own. I felt supported and encouraged, and you had a really good understanding of what I was talking about.

 The work involved of lots of exploration and digging deep to uncover who I am, the why I do it, who I want to work with and the benefits of working with me. This has meant I can go onto sell my work and me in an authentic way.

 I’m really excited about my business going forward. I feel my coaching practice will be significantly stepping up a level and I have a credible and more mature offer. I feel relieved, excited and pleased that I made the crucial decision to invest in my business.


I have often felt that I get in my own way and that there is something deep inside me that is blocking me from taking the steps I need to in order to succeed.

Working through my blocks and clearing out past hurts with Lucy’s guidance has allowed me to let go of insecurities and deep seated pain. I instantly felt calmer and more at peace with myself.

Now I feel more in control and have the belief that I can achieve it.

I also feel less pressure to achieve it in a certain timeframe – I know that it will happen at the right time. My choices and priorities fit my own values rather than (imagined) external judgement. I feel excited about the possibilities ahead!

It was liberating to let go of generational pain and insecurity. Somehow making me feel more connected to decades and centuries of lived experience yet also removed from it – resting in my own power.

The focus on learning from past experiences and carrying these lessons forward is healing.

Lucy is  warm, open-minded, calm and empathetic. I instantly felt safe speaking to her and found myself opening up in ways I haven’t allowed myself to before.

It’s not easy to make oneself so vulnerable yet I felt totally at ease in her presence. Even via Zoom Lucy’s authenticity radiates.

I would recommend Lucy, 100% yes.

I trust Lucy completely and know how deeply she cares about her clients. I never felt rushed or hurried along. I am certain that having such a safe space to explore our own hold-ups and self-sabotage is the key to unlocking the potential within ourselves.