Choose your future – change your life


> Discover how you’d like your life to be and feel.

> Uncover the unique gift you have to share with the world

> Remove what’s been stopping you

– and make it happen

Imagine life is a game of football or rugby… and in the first half of the match you’re playing to keep up with other people’s expectations, play by other people’s beliefs, and following a load of rules that aren’t yours… the game feels difficult, not very fulfilling and you push through to keep going but you’re losing the joy of the game.


Imagine at half time a coach came in and helped you let go of all the “shoulds”, doubts, limiting beliefs, and expectations of others and allowed you to truly understand yourself – what works best for you, and how you want to play the rest of the game… because this will get you on your greatest game.

2nd Half – you now step into the game with purpose, with passion, with joy, using your talents and strengths – and you truly enjoy every moment, fearlessly.

You’re at winning the 2nd half of life.

This is the HALF-TIME Framework ⇓

Self Discovery

It can be easy to lose our true selves through the course of life. Getting stuck on a path and not even knowing how we got there. Losing our thoughts in the voices of other people. Losing our purpose.

This is a safe space to look inside, to reflect, to understand yourself deeply, and what this means for creating your fabulous future. Stepping into the life you’d love to live. Re-discovering your purpose.


Now we have a deep understanding of you, what you stand for and believe in, your values, strengths, desires and passion – we will get absolute clarity on where you want your life (and work) to be headed and why.

This is your big lightbulb moment.

Your True Calling

Now we have clarity – let get some detail.

What exactly is life calling you to do and be?

We’ll get to grips with the “What”, “Why” and “How”

How are you going to make your vision a reality?

Overcoming Barriers

This is where we will let go of anything that could be stopping you from achieving your dreams – including your own thoughts and fears.

Using powerful mindset coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Timeline Therapy techniques – we can release any limiting decisions (I can’t…) or beliefs (I can’t because…) that have been holding you back to date.

We can let go of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt that you’re holding in your subconscious mind.

This is where you become unstoppable, stepping into your power, freedom and choices

Taking Action

This is where we make it happen.

We map out the small steps to your big vision in a totally achievable way.

And you get to live the life you’ve chosen.

Joyfully, peacefully, happily… with love.


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