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Tadalista 10 opiniones ) in the same year, which he said that there was a need to defend, for example, the social-democrats' position within trade unions. It would not be wrong to say that the most important political contribution to the struggle against military action was made by the CCC. The movement was then in process of developing, its leading organisations were forming, the CNT and FAI were forming their own and expanding the political struggle, CNT and FAI were beginning their work in the countryside. During months that followed the beginning of insurrection two organisations which had been the most active — CNT and the FAI continued to provide majority of the militias for anti-fascist struggle, although their organisations were developing in a distinctly libertarian direction. The CNT was first to begin operate its own anti-fascist front, organised in the towns and countryside under organisation of the militias; it was a revolutionary anarchist organisation and was by far a more effective organisation in the countryside than other organisations. In the period following insurrection, CNT and the FAI did not completely surrender to the state power. In many districts they refused to recognise the government, taking measures such as issuing general orders in order to avoid all governmental contact with the state institutions. situation soon became violent, as the government attempted to regain its ground by using the militias against revolutionary organisations. For this reason the movement came under strong attack from the government. In Barcelona a number of initiatives had been taking place in which anarchist militants were participating and trying to intervene in the struggle against state power. In early April 1934, at the Congress of CNT struggle was brought on into general agreement and a motion was passed by means of which the CNT had been declared "in open rebellion" (referendo la revolucion). The question now became, was this a step forward for the anarchist movement or had state's repressive apparatus moved to the offensive? Spanish workers began to fight for their own organisations and demanded autonomy from state power. In March 1937, the CNT called a general strike in Barcelona, and the CNT other towns sectors of the country began to organise themselves in direct opposition to the state power. Although the repression of anarchist and libertarian militants by the state was severe it of a different nature to that faced by the CNT and others from 1936 on. In the first stage anti social elements used the courts to destroy opposition on the basis of their own propaganda. After the revolt of March 27, 1936, the CNT and other revolutionary forces were under severe pressure from the government December 31, 1935 and during the following months of 1936. repression the workers and anarchists reached its peak only with tadalista 40 online the intervention of military. The anarchists' influence in struggle against repression did not diminish. In 1937 a CNT faction broke away who were demanding a purely anarchist and libertarian organisation who wanted to maintain that tradition. However, in Barcelona the struggle was still in its early stage, and during the next two years struggle began to develop in a revolutionary way, with anarchists at the centre of it. During the next two years political struggle of the working class in Spain was characterized by both a development of libertarian ideas and a rejection of authoritarian reformist approaches. The CNT in Barcelona, for instance, was able to gain influence by the practical methods it adopted, such as refusing to recognise a government of representatives the bourgeois class, because it was based on libertarian principles. A movement began, based on libertarian principles, to gain support among the workers and peasants in Catalonia the rest of Spain. In Barcelona early 1938 there was the formation of an organisation — the Anarchist Union which was first of its kind. It made practical proposals which were immediately put into practice and was able to form the basis for a cheapest tadalista strong and dynamic revolutionary anarchist movement. At the same time a number of anarchist militants had already begun to take part in the struggle, often leading and acting as leaders in their own group. In Barcelona and generic drugstore branches the neighbouring regions of Catalonia, Levante and Aragon in other areas of the country workers and peasants organised committees associations in opposition to the state and private capital. This movement began to influence the working class, and anarcho-syndicalists did what they best — offer practical proposals for a new society free of control by money and capital but open to human relationships. The CNT and FAI worked in the countryside and through other organisations to develop and support this new libertarian struggle, which had become part of the general struggle working class against the state power. FAI, in particular, took a leading role in the support for peasant movement, in collaboration with other organisations such as the Revolutionary Left and Solidaridad Obrera (Solidarity) in the.

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